How We Work

Trustees & their duties as per following:


1. President

To call meeting of the Trust.

To grant permission to discuss other topics which are other than regular programs of the trust.

The final decision shall be given by the president, in case of equal votes the power of granting permission (casting vote) to the regulation passed by the trustees shall also remain in the hands of the president.

To look after the overall working of the trust.

To suggest the secretary to call the meeting of the trust.

To give final decision on the complaints & problems received from the trustee.


2. Vice - President

Presides over the meeting & perform all duties of the President in the absence of the president. In all the above duties he will assist the President.



The secretary shall try his best & retain the goodwill of the trust as well as help in obtaining donation & donors for the trust.

The Secretary shall

Call & decide on the program of the meeting by the approval of the president.

Write the minutes of the meeting.

Look after & control the work of the trust.

Prepare the Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Account & president in before the trustees.

Call urgent meeting with the prior permission of the president.

Solve the doubts of trustees & give appropriate answers of their written queries.

In case of misbehavior of Trustees like appropriate action by bringing it before the board of trustees.

Look after the affairs & the correspondence of the trust.

Look after the work of the staff of the trust, take appropriate decision at that moment & take approval to it later in the next.


4. Treasure

Keep the accounts of the trust.

Operate bank transaction with the joint signature of the president.

Look after the account of the society & deposit of funds in bank.

Completion of the work assigned by the Board of Trustees.


5. Other Trustees

They shall help in arranging function & doing day to day routine work to all other board of trustees. They shall perform all the responsibility entrusted to them.


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