Membership details:


Any person who has completed 18 years of age, is eligible to apply for the membership of the trust. The same shall apply for membership in writing along with the registration fee Rs. 10. The application shall be considered & approved by the managing committee within one Month from the date of receipt. The power to accept or reject the application shall vest with the managing committee. The member shall have to abide by any rules & Regulations of the side trust. All these members will remain loyal to this constitution & will abide its by laws.


Types of Membership :


1. Patron & Associate :

The person who work in the filed like social, medical & any 'Patron Members' & associate members are various types of NGOs, Like societies, associations, educational, medical shall be called the 'Associate Member' of the Trust . But such member shall have no right to vote & shall not be eligible for contesting the election.


2. General Membership :

Those who pay Rs. 120 as a annual subscription shall be called the 'General Member' of the Association.

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