Times Foundation Initiative

Times Foundation Initiative

Nirmiti Foundation in collaboration with Times foundation fulfilled the dream to prepare the youth and women to stand in competition of world for employment by gaining the speaking soft skills of English which are required in market.


Objective of the projects were :

a. To teach English to dropout students and those who are looking for jobs in the area like sales, receptions Tourism etc.

b. To prepare unemployed person for jobs by giving Spoken English Program me to and to promote him/her if they are already in jobs.


Duration of the Project :

Six months - May 2011 to October 2011

Total six modules thought by giving speaking practice and many interactive games student shared their experience with British Council and Times foundation.

18 students drop out from class for various reasons like inconvenient class time, far away from main road, college exams, household responsibilities.

11 students completed total duration of the course and also appeared for main exam. They liked the simple way of interactive sessions, games and teaching method.


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